Living in Chaos

We’ve got two full days left until the movers come, and it still feels a little surreal for me.

We’re living fully in chaos right now. Most of our stuff is packed – or sold – but we’ve still got what feels like a lot to pack. The movers come at 8 am on Wednesday, and we’re wrapping up Sunday night here. We will likely have to do our moving out walk-through by noon, so that leaves us very little time to clean after the movers are done.

The computer is currently on our dining table.

The idea is to move everything into the living room as soon as we can, and thoroughly clean the rest of the rooms as they are emptied. I am on cleaning duty.

I feel so ill-prepared. It still feels like a dream, like a fantasy, despite the reality of this:

The living room.

We catch some time to relax by watching tv, but we’re sore from being unsupported by the spare mattress we’re using in place of the couch we got rid of on Friday. I can’t make tight fists, since carrying the couch out of our apartment on Friday also did a number on my grip strength, and my forearms still ache.

Sad kitchen is sad.

The fridge magnets are packed, so the fridge looks foreign, and out of place. Slowly, the food inside is also disappearing and not being replaced by more. We’ve switched to stockpiled disposable dishes, and just tonight we picked all the clothes we will wear for the next three weeks.

It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

What keeps us going right now is the thought of how good it will feel to finally be home. Because that’s where we’re moving to: our home. It’s a tiny wee house we own, and won’t it feel good to be in it, as owners, for the first time?

That’s right – we haven’t been inside our home since before we bought it in July.

There will still be things to wrap up here in Edmonton even after the movers come to haul away our small amount of things (in the grande scheme). My last day of work is December 8, and we’ll be leaving town bright and early on December 10.

Our adventure awaits, despite the chaos.

The thought of our cozy east coast home is both motivator and distraction. I am impatient to get there and begin nesting. I both want to finish the work here, and also abandon it completely.

When we bought the house months ago, we knew we would not be able to get out of our apartment lease early. At the time of purchase, we had just signed a new six-month agreement on our Edmonton apartment. We would have to ride it out until November, and then move. It felt like the time would never pass. I remember complaining to my wife, Mo, that it would be so long until we got to move.

I was right, but I was also wrong.

It appears that the closer we get to the move date, the faster time goes; each day speeding by exponentially faster than the day before.

Part of me has felt exceedingly anxious over the fact that we do not have jobs lined up immediately, but a larger part of me will just be grateful for a rest.

But for now, two days of chaos remain.


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