The Saga Continues

…and we are still crap at updating our blog. Sigh.

Since we’re on top of our Instagram game, I’ve added an Instagram feed to the blog on the right, just so you can follow along where we do update, even if you don’t have Instagram (*cough*Mom*cough*).

Here’s the briefest of status updates since I last posted in September 2017. Continue reading “The Saga Continues”


Another Update

I’m just going to admit what we both already know: we’ve been crap at updating this blog. A lot of it comes down to the fact that a) we’re documenting most things with pictures on Instagram, and b) most things don’t feel noteworthy enough to write a whole post about.

So what’s been going on in our neck of the (literal) woods? I have a new job, which has much better hours than my previous gig, as well as better pay. I’m working with a great team and I get a pretty sweet discount on home building supplies, which is going to make our renovations way less expensive. Continue reading “Another Update”

Month One: A General Update

This post has been a long time in coming.

While it has been much longer than a month at this point, I’m not really counting the time we were here in December.

One, because it was Christmas.

Two, because I was sick as a dog.

Three, because it didn’t really start to feel real until January.

So why haven’t either of us written anything? Continue reading “Month One: A General Update”

The Eve of Leaving

It’s been rough since the movers came.

Between the stress of being displaced from our home, and trying to run errands almost every day, it’s made for some interesting sleeps. I’ve had more nightmares in the past week than I can remember ever having consecutively.

Our weirdly clean and empty apartment, post-movers.

I’ve become very good at pushing my emotions down until I am alone. I didn’t cry on the last day of work, despite a lovely and sweet send-off from my bosses and coworkers. I didn’t cry at the last get together with some childhood friends. I didn’t cry at my last lunch with my brother. I didn’t cry when I saw my bestie for the last time this afternoon.

But yesterday, driving back to my sister-in-law’s place (where we’ve been staying during our last week+ of limbo), I broke down and bawled. Full on, driving through the freezing cold, sobbing my guts out. Yesterday was my last day at my job, working for an amazing company. I haven’t been unemployed since I was sixteen, and the constant inquiries as to what work I have or haven’t lined up yet suddenly felt like an oppressive weight on my chest. Continue reading “The Eve of Leaving”

Living in Chaos

We’ve got two full days left until the movers come, and it still feels a little surreal for me.

We’re living fully in chaos right now. Most of our stuff is packed – or sold – but we’ve still got what feels like a lot to pack. The movers come at 8 am on Wednesday, and we’re wrapping up Sunday night here. We will likely have to do our moving out walk-through by noon, so that leaves us very little time to clean after the movers are done. Continue reading “Living in Chaos”