How To Unfinish A Basement (Part 2)

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Step Four: Shortening The Walls

The lower portion of the walls had soaked up a lot of water. Mold and mildew were definitely present, so we had to remove some of the (no longer) dry wall. At each corner, we measured two feet up from the sub floor, using a chalk line to mark the height. Kate cut along each chalk line using a utility knife, and then we were able to punch the lower portion of each wall out, mostly using the hammer and our feet. We had shut off the power to the outlets before starting, for safety, and Dad had removed the baseboard heaters. Behind the external walls, we encountered sodden, nasty-looking insulation (think gray instead of pink) so we pulled it out (with gloves on), bagged it up, and added it to the trash heap. Continue reading “How To Unfinish A Basement (Part 2)”